Make a stylish chinchilla cage for your chinchilla at home

Building your own chinchilla cage can save your lots of money. Any animal or pat cage will cost serious amount of money and despite the size needed for chinchilla you can still pay out lots of money. For some money you can purchase the material to make your own chinchilla cage. Chinchilla are great pets but they do need to be in a little house. It’s not difficult to make your own chinchilla cage by follow below steps you can make your best chinchilla cagesat home.


large chinchilla cages


Build your own chinchilla cage:

Preparing: for a large chinchilla cage lay out each piece and measure the size of cage you want. You will be using the large litter tray as a marker, as it will be the cage surface. The wire mesh and cage frame will be build to fit it. Cut 16 equal size piece of untreated pine wood. Cut their length to 18 inches and take 2 pieces of the cut pine and screw them together with one edge flat side the other as a butt joint. Repeat this with the all other 6 piece of wood. You should end up with 8 long l shaped corner piece.

Bottom of the frame: use the 4 leftover 18 inch l shaped piece and 4 more braces to make the bottom. With the one open side facing you, slide the litter tray into the cage and cut a piece of mesh that reaches below the tray. Before attaching the fourth side, cut a little door from the mesh and use the wire hinges to attach it back when it comes from. Cut any extra edges with wire cutter to leave smooth and flat edge. Attach the clasp so that the door will stay secure and locked.

Fill the litter tray with right comfort bedding for your little chinchilla and place bowls and food inside. Add some chinchilla cage accessories to make it more attractive.