Life without headphones is like life without music

Can you imagine life without headphones and music? For me, music is the one of the most integral part of my life. Life without music is incomplete for me. People usually use headphones to listen to song. Each favourite song has an untold story behind it. And to listen to this untold story, we require headphones.

The basic purpose of headphones is to enable one to hear clearly in a noisy area. Subtractingthe external noise and only allowing the opposite person’s voice to surpass through the ears is the moto for the invention of headphones.Headphones can be purchased online or from any physical store near-by your vicinity. There are many stores where you can purchase headphones below 100 dollars and still not compromise on quality.

I have tried to throw light on some of the tips that can be followed while selecting Best Headphones Under $100: Top 5 and Why

  • Do not settle for cheap plastic quality pair of headphones
  • Make sure the wire insulation is correct.
  • Try for those headphones which are adjustable and see which one wraps around your head the best.
  • If one wishes to purchase over-ear headphones, make sure the ear cups are completely wrapped around your ears.
  • Make sure the headphones imbibe the system of cancellation of active noise so that you are able to hear clearly.
  • Ensure that the ear cups are soft and do not hurt the ears.
  • Check for the sound quality. If it gives you a simulation of a live performance, then go for it.

Usually, original headphones are very expensive. But the branded ones also provide the best quality sound. Avoid buying duplicate headphones if you don’t want to comprise on the sound quality of the music.Bored or tired? Put those headphones, play the music and get back to live.